Softscale Success Story - Sortlist

Softscale Success Story

We introduce agencies to Softscale.

Here is their story.

Project: Branding & Positioning


Actually, Sortlist really helped me clarify my thoughts, what we wanted.

Could you describe your company?

Softscale is an engineering company specialized in Big Data, and my role in the company is Marketing Technologist.

How did you find Sortlist?

Selecting agencies was more complicated before we knew Sortlist. Since we don't know anything about Marketing agencies, I personally spent hours trying to find an agency which suited us. I guess I ended up typing a good keyword by chance, and I came across, which appeared on the first page of Google. I thought to myself “Well, this looks interesting”.

How would you describe your experience?

The good thing about Sortlist is that they really ask the essential questions to help agencies find out whether or not they are ready to undertake what we're asking for. We are in a niche market and agencies don’t always know our activity and there are sometimes misunderstandings. There we were lucky to come upon Alpaga Studio, since, for instance, one of their team members is quite aware of Open Source softwares issues.

How did it help Softscale?

It's not always easy to manage to express clearly what you want, and in that case, it was very quick because someone at Sortlist called me and immediately asked precise questions. Actually, they really helped me clarify my thoughts, what we wanted. The more precise you are, the better you know what you want and the quicker it goes.

What if a friend asked you 'why should I use Sortlist'?

If I had to recommend Sortlist to friends or future clients, well, I would say that it really saves a lot of time. From the moment I sent the message on Sortlist, two days later everything was settled! And most of all, it was relevant!

Could you describe Sortlist in 3 words?

When I think about Sortlist, I think efficiency, quickness and relevance.

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