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Mister Jekyll Success Story

We introduce agencies to Mister Jekyll.

Here is their story.

Project: Website Creation


The greatest added value of Sortlist is that without any efforts, we regularly receive leads.

What convinced you to use Sortlist?

What convinced us to reuse Sortlist, is you guys. At some point, you contacted us saying we were amongst the first ones to take part of the adventure. Then we realized we were receiving interesting opportunities and it started to become something recurring. We sometimes received two, three, four of them a day. It really made us want to go on.

What's the biggest added value of Sortlist?

If Sortlist didn’t exist, we would have to fight a little more to find new leads. The greatest added value of Sortlist is that without any efforts, we regularly receive leads.

Could you describe an experience you had?

An experience we had and that was the most positive and structured according to me, is with a client called Agilytic. Through the platform, we answered the client via the platform, telling him that we had the necessary skills and that we had just worked on a similar project and we were ready to meet with him. The client immediately reacted saying 'let's go, we're close'. We had a meeting that was very open and very honest. From there on, it became a very natural relationship. At the end of the project, they came to us, we made a little analysis and they said they were very satisfied with the collaboration. They asked us to become partners on other projects for their clients.

So it became a long-term relationship?

Our goal, internally, is not to make one-shots. We want to become partners and work on a long-term. We directly understood that this was going to happen with Agilytic, because the web application that we set up for them was meant for the long run.

How would you describe Sortlist in three words?

Sortlist in three words. I would say... matching, structured and partner.

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