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Composil Success Story

We introduce agencies to Composil.

Here is their story.

Project: Branding & Positioning


Simplicity, for a client like Composil, who knows nothing about the marketing world.

Could you describe your company?

Composil's is a company specialized in Cleaning Solutions and Carpet care for other companies and industries. I am the General Manager and the main Shareholder of the company.

How were you managing to find agencies before knowing Sortlist?

I really felt that, in order to go forward in 2016, we needed to give ourselves all possible tools and to re-work something we were missing in terms of communication supports. I've learned about Sortlist through a friend. So it seemed rather logic to me to use their services, and we thus got in touch.

How would you describe your experience?

Through Google, yes! You are the ones coming first.

How did it help Composil?

Sortlist's greatest added value, to me, is its simplicity. For a client like Composil, who knows nothing about the marketing world, it’s a big added-value to receive a selection of agencies that totally fit your needs and budget.

What if a friend asked you why should I use Sortlist?

If I had to recommend Sortlist to a friend or an acquaintance seeking to develop its communication, I'd tell them “It is quick, free, and it allows you to have a deeper and more precise view of the market compared to 'Google it'“.

Could you describe Sortlist in 3 words?

If I had to summarize Sortlist in a few words, it would be: “simple, efficient and perfect”.

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