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Blubber Success Story

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Project: Branding & Positioning


From my point of view, Sortlist is the ideal commercial partner. You don´t need to take care of getting new opportunities, they bring it to you.

Could you describe your company and what position you currently hold?

My name is Rubén, I am the co-founder of Blubber and the head of the commercial and product development departments. My tasks go from detecting the client's needs to create a loyalty relation with them. I also develop customized products for their brand needs. Blubber Estudio Creativo was founded 6 years ago by a group of college partners.

What issue lead you to contact Sortlist and why?

Our first idea was to create our own audiovisual material. We then switched our model and decided to open it to the public. Once we did, we started receiving more requests from clients. That helped us growing during the last 2 years and allowed us developping a better language in terms of creativity and innovation. In our pursuit of new business paths, Sortlist contacted us. We saw them as an excellent commercial partner and we liked their platform, so we started working with them. Thanks to this collaboration, we got many new opportunities. We are currently developing a project for a large digital entity.

If you were to recommend Sortlist to a close friend, colleague or partner what would you say?

If I would have to recommend Sortlist to a friend or partner, I would say that it is a different commercial path, not as usual, where you don´t have to look for potential leads, but you know they are going to be qualified and the only decision you have to take is accept them or decline.

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