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About Ready4S

We turn big ideas into powerful mobile apps

At Ready4S what we basically do is turning big ideas into reality. Our mission is to bring our partners‘ ideas and challenges to the completely new level. We believe that the best is often unseen and we are willing to put as much effort as needed to discover it. We invite you to take this amazing journey with us and to go with your ideas much further that you have ever expected.

☑ Quality | ☑ Start-Ups | ☑ Best Price | ☑ Free DEMO week | ☑ Partnership Discount | ★★★★★ reviews

♚ No. 1 - AppFutura's Mobile App Developer of the year 2015 ♚

➤ Smart & Fast app development process that saves even 60% of your time and 70% of your budget.

✉ Book 20 min. FREE APP CONSULTATION: www.ready4S.com ✉

We have developed:
➢ the biggest dating app for New York and Los Angeles
➢ the biggest booking app that is a competition for a Booking.com

Apps of our clients were downloaded more than ➋ milion times

✉ Book 20 min. FREE APP CONSULTATION: www.ready4S.com ✉

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EuroFleetMarch 2017
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Zamel ExtraFreeMarch 2017
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CarExpensesMarch 2017
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CaloriControlMarch 2017
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FritzExchangeMarch 2017
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KinotekaMarch 2017
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Running LeagueMarch 2017
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VitaSmartMarch 2017
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Project UMarch 2017
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Book4MeMarch 2017
Ogarnij Miasto - Warszawa by Ready4S
Ogarnij Miasto - WarszawaMarch 2017
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JP2March 2017
CarCatalog by Ready4S
CarCatalogMarch 2017
GKN by Ready4S
GKNMarch 2017
MyFaith Network by Ready4S
MyFaith NetworkMarch 2017
Click Edu by Ready4S
Click EduMarch 2017
HDEF by Ready4S
HDEFMarch 2017
Gameday Sky by Ready4S
Gameday SkyMarch 2017
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Services (2) offered by Ready4S

Mobile App

€8000 – €1000000

iOS App Development At Ready4S we make sure that our iOS development services are performed in the highest possible quality. We use the most popular, reliable and powerful technologies: Objective-C and Swift to create tailor-made apps which will satisfy both founders and users. To do so, we benchmark best solutions available on market, but we also don't hesitate to create new ones if needed. That all make us great choice when you are looking for experienced and out-of-the-box thinking iOS developers for your project. Android App Development We have a strong team to deliver Android development services that meet even the most challenging requirements. We prefer to use clean code and that's why we base our development on Java technology supported by most powerful libraries such as Android Wear, gson, butter knife, ormlite and many more. Speaking about experienced Android developers - you should have a look at our great team. Windows Phone App Development Although Android and iOS dominated the market, sometimes there is no chance to miss Windows Phone when developing an app. In that case, we have also developers who are familiar with C# technology which allows to build applications for Windows devices. That means you can get complex app development for all popular operation systems. Beacon App Development Retail is booming on mobile and now it's more important than ever to be aware of and look into the potential of new technologies. We help to implement beacon apps that can boost your sales, improve customer experience, power retail operations and much more. We can adjust to products you already have or recommend which one to choose. Mobile App MVP An MVP is basically an early version of your product that has enough features to test whether it's viable in the market. Strip away all unnecessary features and leave the very core of the product - that's your MVP. We provide you with economical MVP, so you can test you idea as soon as possible without wasting your time and money.

Ergonomy (UX/UI)

€1000 – €1000000

We test our work from User Experience & Interface point of view.

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