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MakeBeCool is a strategic partner for Shopify Development and Growth. We do Shopify Development and Shopify Retainer services, strongly emphasizing fostering growth . From big-picture strategies to deep technological expertise and a clear RoadMap to Growth. We're not just a team, we're co-authors of history with our partners. Your success is our commitment As part of our commitment to your success, we proudly present our MBC Bundle Products app. This flexible tool is designed to unlock new opportunities for customer engagement, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth Our competences : Shopify Store Development & Theme Customization Shopify Retainer Growth Service (AOV, Retention, CR, Revenue, RoadMap) Shopify Support and Maintenance Migration Services Branding and Creative Design Shopify Apps MBC Bundle Products Highly organized and transparent for our partners Communication - Slack, Zoom, Email Planning - RoadMap, ClickUp Results - Reports, Meetings We empower brand owners and their key teams by providing them with the opportunity to concentrate on business, relieving them of the burdensome tasks of store development and management. Our goal is to remove technological obstacles so that you can dedicate your energy and resources to business growth instead of IT Consider the case of a D2C brand that approached us three years ago with $2M in revenue. Today, we proudly celebrate their remarkable journey as they've achieved an annual revenue milestone of $20M, all thanks to our strategic partnership Our values : focus on results team and team game inclusiveness in relations enjoyment of the process proactivity leadership We like the goal achievement process and get high from the achieved results Top 20 Shopify Agencies in the World (Clutch) Top 5 Shopify Angels from Ukraine (Clutch) 3rd place at E-commerce Germany Awards (2023) - Best Sales Generating Tool Partner with MakeBeCool and together, let's script your business's growth story your History of success
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Founded in 2010
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  • Description
    Breathe life into your Shopify vision with expert website creation services.
    Transform your product dream into a thriving online reality with our comprehensive Shopify website creation services. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a curious newcomer, we empower you to build a captivating and functional storefront that seamlessly reflects your brand identity.

    Our team of seasoned Shopify specialists will:

    Collaborate with you: We delve deep into your vision, target audience, and brand aesthetic to craft a website that resonates powerfully.
    Design with purpose: We translate your unique story into a visually stunning and user-friendly interface that guides visitors effortlessly towards conversions.
    Technical mastery: We leverage our deep understanding of Shopify's features and functionalities to build a robust and scalable platform for your online success.
    Optimize for performance: We fine-tune every element to ensure lightning-fast loading speeds and a seamless shopping experience across all devices.
    Post-launch support: We remain your trusted partner, offering ongoing maintenance and guidance to keep your website thriving in the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape.
    With our Shopify website creation services, you can:

    Focus on what matters most: Delegate the website creation process to our experts and free up your valuable time to focus on core business operations.
    Gain a competitive edge: Stand out from the crowd with a website that showcases your brand story and products in a way that resonates with your target audience.
    Maximize conversions: Watch your sales soar with a website optimized for intuitive navigation, clear calls to action, and a frictionless checkout process.
    Enjoy peace of mind: Rest assured knowing your website is in the hands of experienced professionals who are passionate about Shopify's potential.
    Skills in Website Creation (26)
    eCommerce MarketingWeb DesignUI DesignE-commerceDesignWeb DevelopmentResponsive Web DesignShopifyEcommerce WebsiteShopify Design+16
    Works in Website Creation (5)
    Shopify Store Setup for Banana Beauty - Website Creation
    Shopify Website Development for Giordano - Website Creation
    Shopify Website Development for Ingarden - Website Creation
    Shopify theme and app development for ALYVE - Website Creation
    Review in Website Creation (1)
    Christian Saitner
    Clients in Website Creation (5)
    GrenionBeauty | international
    GiordanoShopRetail | international
    IngardenFarming | international
    ALYVEBeauty | international

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  • Description
    Here's a breakdown of the process, guiding you from ideation to a published app on the Shopify App Store:
    1. Brainstorm and Define Your App:
    Identify a problem: What pain points do Shopify merchants face that your app can address? Market research and competitor analysis can be invaluable here.
    Craft a unique value proposition: How does your app stand out from the crowd? What makes it essential for merchants?
    2. Choose Your App Type:
    Public app: Available to all Shopify merchants through the App Store.
    Custom app: Developed for specific merchants with unique needs.
    3. Development Stage:
    Tech Stack: Choose your programming languages and tools (Ruby on Rails, Node.js, etc.) based on your app's complexity and features.
    API Integration: Leverage Shopify's robust APIs to access and manage store data, products, orders, and other functionalities.
    User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design: Create an intuitive and visually appealing interface for seamless user interaction.
    4. Testing and Refinement:
    Thorough testing: Ensure your app functions flawlessly across various devices and browsers.
    Gather feedback: Get input from potential users and iterate based on their suggestions.
    5. Launch and Promotion:
    App Store listing: Create a compelling description, screenshots, and videos showcasing your app's value.
    Marketing and outreach: Utilize social media, content marketing, and partnerships to reach your target audience of Shopify merchants.
    Skills in Web Application (2)
    Shopify DevelopmentShopify
    Review in Web Application (1)
    Sebastian Buck

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  • Description's e-commerce growth service is a comprehensive solution designed to help online businesses achieve their growth objectives. The service covers various aspects of e-commerce operations, including:

    Reviews: The service provides strategies and tools for gathering and analyzing customer reviews to improve customer satisfaction and build trust.
    This includes:
    Technical solutions: Integrating apps like or to collect reviews
    Business solutions: Setting objectives, choosing a review collection tool, creating incentives, sending email requests, providing simple instructions, monitoring and responding, and automating review collection.
    Average Order Value (AOV): The service offers strategies and tools to increase the average amount spent per order, including:

    Bundle strategy: Offering pre-configured bundles of products at a discounted price.
    Try-me strategy: Grouping new products with existing products to improve discoverability.
    Inventory reduction strategy: Combining popular products with less popular ones to clear inventory.
    Buy-more-pay-less strategy: Offering discounts or free items for purchasing multiple products.
    Seasonal and gift bundles: Creating special bundles for holidays and other occasions.
    Reduced shipping and special handling costs strategy: Offering discounts on shipping when purchasing bundles.
    Customer suggestions strategy: Using customer recommendations to create bundles.
    Mystery box strategy: Offering surprise boxes with a variety of products at a discounted price.
    Trigger Email Marketing: The service helps businesses create personalized email campaigns to engage customers and drive sales, including:

    Welcome emails: Introducing new customers to the brand and products.
    Abandoned cart emails: Reminding customers about items left in their cart.
    Order confirmation emails: Providing order information and upselling opportunities.
    Thank you emails: Expressing appreciation for purchases and encouraging future business.
    Birthday and anniversary emails: Offering special discounts or promotions to celebrate customer milestones.
    Website Speed Optimization: The service provides strategies and tools to improve website loading speed, which can improve conversion rates and customer satisfaction. This includes:

    Image optimization: Reducing the file size of images without compromising quality.
    Caching: Store static content locally on the user's device for faster loading.
    Minification: Removing unnecessary code from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.
    Lazy loading: Only loading images when they are visible in the viewport.
    Loyalty Program: The service helps businesses create and manage loyalty programs to reward repeat customers and encourage them to spend more. This includes:

    Point-based programs: Awarding points for purchases and redeemable for rewards.
    Tiered programs: Providing different levels of rewards based on spending levels.
    Referral programs: Rewarding customers for referring new customers.
    Charity or social programs: Partnering with charities or social causes to give back to the community.
    Holiday programs: Offering special promotions and events during holidays.
    Paid membership programs: Providing exclusive benefits to paying members.
    Data Security: The service provides strategies and tools to protect customer data and ensure the security of the online store. This includes:

    Regular backups: Backing up data regularly to prevent data loss.
    Strong passwords: Using strong passwords and security measures for all accounts.
    SSL/TLS certificates: Encrypting data transmission between the website and the visitor's browser.
    Regular security updates: Keeping software and plugins up-to-date to address security vulnerabilities.
    Post-Purchase Upsell Apps: The service recommends apps like Post Purchase Upsell for Shopify Checkout to offer relevant products to customers after they complete their purchase.

    Summary:'s e-commerce growth service offers a comprehensive set of tools and strategies to help online businesses grow their revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and improve website performance. The service covers various areas critical to e-commerce success, including reviews, AOV, email marketing, website speed, loyalty programs, data security, and post-purchase upsells.

    This service is a valuable resource for businesses looking to take their e-commerce operations to the next level.
    Skills in E-commerce (31)
    Shopify DevelopmentEcommerce Web DevelopmentShopify DesignOnline storeUI DesignDesignWeb DevelopmentGoogle ShoppingShopifyReact Development+21
    Works in E-commerce (13)
    McSport Shopify Support and Maintenance - E-commerce
    Shopify Support and Maintenance - E-commerce
    Magnus Luxury Watches Transforms Online Experience - E-commerce
    Grace Management Group Takes Flight: Soaring Sales - E-commerce
    Reviews in E-commerce (7)
    Gunnar Schipp
    Lance O'Brien
    Igor Polishchuk
    Francesco Maione
    Clients in E-commerce (13)
    McSportSports | regional
    Eve devicesRetail | international
    AvonBeauty | international
    Aware NutritionFood | local

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  • Description
    1. Define Your Brand and Target Audience:
    Brand identity: What are your brand's core values, personality, and aesthetic? Think about colors, fonts, logos, and overall tone.
    Target audience: Who are you trying to reach? Understanding their demographics, interests, and online behavior is crucial for tailoring the design.
    2. Gather Inspiration and Research:
    Browse successful Shopify stores: Immerse yourself in well-designed stores within your niche and beyond. Analyze what resonates with you and identify elements you'd like to incorporate.
    Research design trends: Stay updated on current trends in e-commerce design, color palettes, and layouts. Websites like Pinterest and Behance are great resources.
    3. Wireframing and Prototyping:
    Low-fidelity wireframe: Sketch out a basic layout of your store's pages, focusing on the placement of key elements like navigation, product listings, and calls to action.
    High-fidelity prototype: Refine your wireframe with more detail, including colors, fonts, and basic visuals. This helps visualize the overall user experience.
    4. Design and Development:
    Visual design: Choose a theme or develop a custom design that aligns with your brand identity and target audience. Prioritize clear navigation, user-friendly layout, and high-quality visuals.
    Development: Ensure your design translates seamlessly into a functional website. Shopify offers user-friendly tools and themes to make this process smooth even for beginners.
    Skills in Ergonomy (UX/UI) (7)
    FramerFigmaDesign SprintsWireframingMiroShopify DesignDesign

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  • Description
    1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Helps your Shopify store rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), like Google, for relevant keywords.
    Зображення: Search Engine OptimizationВідкриється в новому вікні
    Search Engine Optimization
    This means more organic traffic and potential customers finding your store.
    Services typically include keyword research, on-page optimization, technical SEO, and link building.
    2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
    Runs targeted ads on search engines and social media platforms to drive traffic to your Shopify store.
    Зображення: PayPerClick AdvertisingВідкриється в новому вікні
    PayPerClick Advertising
    You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, making it a cost-effective way to reach potential customers.
    Services typically include campaign setup and management, keyword research, ad copywriting, and bidding strategies.
    3. Social Media Marketing
    Promotes your Shopify store and products on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
    Зображення: Social Media MarketingВідкриється в новому вікні
    Social Media Marketing
    Helps you build brand awareness, engage with potential customers, and drive traffic to your store.
    Services typically include content creation, community management, social media advertising, and influencer marketing.
    4. Email Marketing
    Sends targeted email campaigns to your subscribers to promote your products, sales, and other news.
    Skills in Digital Strategy (2)
    Search Engine MarketingShopify Marketing

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  • Description

    No description provided for this service.

    Works in Software Development (2)
    MakeBeCool Growth Services Propel Aware Nutrition - Software Development
    Beauty and Personal Care brand sales growth - Software Development
    Clients in Software Development (2)
    Aware NutritionFood | local
    AvonBeauty | international

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  • Description

    No description provided for this service.

    Works in Marketing (5)
    Shopify Support and Maintenance - Marketing
    Grace Management Group Takes Flight: Soaring Sales - Marketing
    Icarus Takes Flight: A MakeBeCool Growth Services - Marketing
    MakeBeCool Growth Services Propel Aware Nutrition - Marketing
    Clients in Marketing (5)
    Aware NutritionFood | local
    Grace Management GroupHome Services | national
    SonoHousehold Products | regional
    IcarusSports | regional

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  • Description

    No description provided for this service.

    Works in Growth Marketing (6)
    McSport Shopify Support and Maintenance - Growth Marketing
    Shopify Support and Maintenance - Growth Marketing
    Magnus Luxury Watches Transforms Online Experience - Growth Marketing
    Grace Management Group Takes Flight: Soaring Sales - Growth Marketing
    Clients in Growth Marketing (6)
    Aware NutritionFood | local
    IcarusSports | regional
    Grace Management GroupHome Services | national
    Magnus Luxury WatchesLuxury Goods & Jewelry | national

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  • Description

    No description provided for this service.

    Work in Product Management (1)
    Grace Management Group Takes Flight: Soaring Sales - Product Management
    Client in Product Management (1)
    Grace Management GroupHome Services | national

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MakeBeCool was awarded 5 times

Shopify Agency #1 in Ukraine 2024 by it-rating2024-1-1

E-commerce Germany Awards2024-1-1Best eCommerce Agency
Top 30 Shopify agencies in the world on Clutch2024-1-1
Top 50 Shopify development companies on Upwork2023-12-1
Top Shopify Developers2018-1-1


9 reviews for MakeBeCool

(9 reviews)
Phil ChamberlainDigital Product Owner at Avon
Team1001 - 5000

MakeBeCool’s efforts have translated into sales for the client. The team is highly engaged, responsive, forward-thinking, and supportive. They communicate efficiently via virtual meetings, emails, and messages. MakeBeCool provides valuable suggestions and offers outstanding customer service.

Team1001 - 5000

Christian SaitnerFounder & CEO at ingarden inc
ServiceWebsite Creation
Team1 - 10

What was the objective behind your collaboration?Migration to Shopify from Wordpress. Improving CVR through adding new sections (like competitor chart, etc.) and optimizing of existing sections.

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?Fast and effective execution. Excellent project communication.

Christian Saitner recommends this agency

ServiceWebsite Creation
Team1 - 10

Dmytro KlimovRegional IT Manager at Saraya
Team1001 - 5000

MakeBeCool’s work improved the client's conversion rate and site speed. The team showcased professional and innovative skills. MakeBeCool found solutions to the client's specific needs. The team was open, transparent, and very organized, meeting the project's deadlines and being responsive.

Team1001 - 5000

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  • 872 Sheppard Ave W, North York, ON M3H 5V5, Canada

  • str, Sadova St, 25, Mukacheve, Zakarpats'ka oblast, Ukraine, 89611