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#TeamEBS - a Bespoke Software Development Group that brings eCommerce to the next level
EBS Integrator is a Chisinau based software and mobile development firm that has been creating customized iPhone, Android and Web business solutions since 2010 As soon as we have determined your requirements clearly, we’ll take your worries off your hands. From the first analysis till maintenance and support, we'll deliver a Turnkey Project that should at least check your expectations list. We're focused on delivering Outstanding Digital Experiences to individuals, SMEs as well as Enterprises that seek custom software development and are in need of a dedicated IT provisioning team.  Our business model is powered exclusively by high-quality peer-to-peer prospect relations and this is what segregates us from our main competitors.  We transparently say what we do and do what we say, to enable trust and quality-driven development cycle for our stakeholders and we’ll never abandon what we’ve started. On top of the above, we enable incredible time-to-market metrics, enhanced service scalability and outstanding performance management strategies. With EBS, you’re not getting an outsourcing partner, you’re getting your own IT department. We carry out a full software life cycle development process, for delivering: Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) – delivery of expandable either throw-away proof of concepts (up to the stakeholder’s choice) that enables our prospects to test-drive their ideas against target audiences. Here, we can either build a quick-fix that should not be scaled-up or build the beta version of something bigger (depending on the prospect’s scope); Full-Featured Products – delivery of mature software products that align to a particular business scope, designed to scale, adapt and dynamically expand to market demand and unforeseen circumstances. These are usually SaaS platforms, white-label solutions, customer-centric platforms or highly-available marketplaces that serve 500+ thousand active users on a daily basis; Application Refactoring  – optimization of existing web-enabled software that requires a tune-up, service expansion either application performance strategies (given the current state of the software is malleable enough to be adjusted). The main scope of this service is to “resurrect” prospect’s application, discover bottlenecks, lags or issues that hold its service behind; Software Architecture and Code Redesign – when refactoring is not an option, a complete system redesign is what the doctor prescribes. EBS’s approach to re-designing system architectures builds premises for releasing better, faster, stronger software, that will not require a rewrite for at least 5 years. A system redesign’s mission is 0-code dependencies and highly available services for the most demanding audiences. As part of our provisioning, we also provide: Infrastructure Blueprinting – this service focuses on building system/software infrastructures that last, within a highly manageable approach. The main purpose of EBS’s blueprinting is delivering a system that is scarce on server resources, easy to manage and malleable enough to slash time-to-market metrics in half. EBS’s day-zero CI/CD approach will solve obsolete bottlenecks and its FaaS model will finally set stakeholders free of that legacy code. High-Load Management & Data Streaming Solutions – a paradigm designed to address the needs of prospects that process more data than they could handle. On Average, data-centric experiences provided by EBS generate prospect savings beginning with 14 000 EUR per quarter, enable snappy queries, near-to-instant data access and complex analytics across the entire data flow. Performance Management – a service designed for prospects enable high-fidelity software that requires surgeon-like operations when performing maintenance and optimization tasks. EBS’s approach to performance management allows prospects to avoid imminent outages without any service disruption, spot and fix bottlenecks on the fly and get a better grip on the overall system monitoring. Comprehensive Code Reviews – this service is focused on spotting short-comings of a prospect’s software and getting a proper service iteration roadmap. EBS’s code review process delivers an overview for a particular source-code quality, a list of scope-oriented imminent changes and a full-sized report on targeted software improvements. Our current development stack is focused on, but not limited to the following: Infrastructure design and deployment: Docker, GIT, GitLab, Sentry, Kubernetes, Kafka, Graylog, Redis, RabbitMQ, Sonatype Nexus, Jenkins, CentOS/Redhat Middleware; Backend and API Micro-Services: Java, Spring, Python3, Django, Websockets, JWT, Node.js, PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, Slim; Front-End Provisioning: JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, Vue.js, Vuex, Angular.js, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Material Design, Rafael.js, BackBone.js, ExpressJS, KoaJS; Native and Cross-Platform Mobile Production: Swit5, Storyboard, Autolayout, VIPER, Firebase Crashlytics, Fabric, Kotlin, JAVA, ADT, NDK, React Native, Flutter. Why should you choose EBS Integrator? We have established a robust Business Analysis, Infrastructure Blueprinting, Software Delivery, Quality Control/Quality Assurance, as well as Software Piloting Cycle and have gathered considerable expertise regarding Dedicated IT Provisioning Services across Betting, E-commerce, FinTech, Healthcare and Datacentric-Solutions - this though is not the main thing you should consider. Each and everyone, here, at EBS, believes in user-centric experiences and we strive to bring any piece of software we design, to the next level. We also believe legacy systems are not a throw-out, but an opportunity and that new ideas deserve a fast-to-market approach.   In our perspective, re-engineering "the old" into modern platforms and implementing processes as software is the shortest path to productivity and this is what we are best at. If this is not enough, just take a look at our past-record: 100% Delivery – 0 ditched projects in the last 10 years; A full software life cycle development process; Customer-centric delivery; 100% exclusivity for custom-developed business logic; Dedicated Business Analysis and IT consultancy for new and recurring products; A dedicated IT division for product development and maintenance, similar to in-house provisioning, without any recruitment, operational or management costs. A to Z digitization (from process to software); Just in time maintenance and delivery.
71 people in their team
Speaks Arabic, Dutch, English, Romanian, Russian
28 projects in their portfolio
1 collaboration started on Sortlist
Works remotely across the globe
Sortlist member since 2020
Founded in 2010
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    Most of our top-performing projects are multi-sided eCommerce and marketplace platforms of any kind. Get in touch with us to explore possibilities and bring your e-commerce to the next level.
    Skills in E-commerce (30)
    DéveloppementLaravel DevelopmentCSS DevelopmentAngularJS DevelopmentOpenCartfraylogjwtCentOSSonatype NexusGitLab+20
    Works in E-commerce (6)
    Bredband.nu - E-commerce
    E-Customs - E-commerce
    5AM Club - E-commerce
    Fine Credit - E-commerce
    Reviews in E-commerce (2)
    John Mathews
    Andrew Jeffree
    Clients in E-commerce (6)
    Babasell ABMarketing & Advertising | international
    ParentsMedia | international
    Fine CreditBanking & Financials | local
    Fine CreditManagement Consulting | international

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  • Description
    Overwhelmed by mobile demand? Don’t have an API ready for that next step? EBS is here to help. We’ve been delivering native iOS and Android applications for over 7 years now so trust us when we say: we’ve seen it all.
    Our expertise regards building and analyzing modern as well as legacy systems we’re able to deliver top-performing applications enabled by insightful and restful APIs, user-centric UX and breathtaking UIs.
    Skills in Mobile App (31)
    StoryboardSwiftJavaObjective-CAndroid StudioFirebaseKotlinCrashlyticsFlutterreact native+21
    Works in Mobile App (18)
    MeAPP - Mobile App
    Pets4Homes - Mobile App
    5AM Club - Mobile App
    Fine Credit - Mobile App
    Reviews in Mobile App (5)
    Anders Bons
    Stefan Irimia
    Itay Naftaly
    Makan Amini
    Clients in Mobile App (18)
    Babasell ABMarketing & Advertising | international
    Global DatabaseMarketing & Advertising | international
    NDA (Undisclosed)E-commerce | international
    The Original Barber ShopRetail | local

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  • Description
    Be it a Minimum Viable Product, a Fully Featured Service or a High-Load application, EBS Integrator has the propper stack, know-how and proven record of delivery.

    If you're looking to build a next-level SaaS, White-Label or BPM, our team can guide you through the entire process and deliver turn-key solutions with ready-to-scale attributes. From blueprinting to proactive delivery EBS will enable outstanding digital experiences for each of your stakeholders. Discover the value behind our digital products and bring your operations, audience or service to the next level.

    At the MVP end, we can deliver anything you need to test your audience, verify your idea and get your story right - all of these, with minimum risks and maximum efficiency. Before you move to complex production or spending hundreds of development hours, minimize the impact on your money or investor’s funds with an MVP build. We’ll guide you through the entire process and deliver prototypes designed to get a better understanding of your audience’s mindset, their habits and your idea’s usability.
    Skills in Web Application (88)
    Works in Web Application (22)
    AdmitereOnline - Web Application
    Bredband.nu - Web Application
    The Information Point for External Trade (TIP) - Web Application
    E-Customs - Web Application
    Reviews in Web Application (9)
    Platon Alexandru
    David Filat
    Valters Grobiņš
    Gabriel De Dominics
    Clients in Web Application (22)
    AdmitereOnlineEducation | national
    AudioPressNon-profit | local
    The Original Barber ShopRetail | local
    LensaRetail | local

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  • Description
    Got more data than you can handle? Server expenses went through the roof? Is your query loading forever? – we’re here to help. On Average, data-centric experiences provided by EBS save our customers 14 000 Euros per quarter, enable snappy queries, near-to-instant data access and complex analytics across your entire data flow. Depending on your scope, we can bring your data to the next-level and re-direct excessive server costs to things that matter (like product development).
    Skills in Web analytics/Big data (44)
    AnsibleMongoDBFirebaseBig Data AnalyticsAzureJenkinsTableauPostgreSQLredispanorama+34
    Works in Web analytics/Big data (15)
    AdmitereOnline - Web analytics/Big data
    Bredband.nu - Web analytics/Big data
    The Information Point for External Trade (TIP) - Web analytics/Big data
    E-Customs - Web analytics/Big data
    Reviews in Web analytics/Big data (3)
    A**** *******
    J**** D****
    Nick Buldumac
    Clients in Web analytics/Big data (15)
    Global DatabaseMarketing & Advertising | international
    SIA "ELBORGA”Internet | international
    CreditexBanking & Financials | local
    NDA (Undisclosed)E-commerce | international

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  • Description

    No description provided for this service.

    Skills in Data Consulting (5)
    data analysisbig datadata drivendata transferdata extract
    Works in Data Consulting (10)
    AdmitereOnline - Data Consulting
    Bredband.nu - Data Consulting
    The Information Point for External Trade (TIP) - Data Consulting
    E-Customs - Data Consulting
    Clients in Data Consulting (10)
    Babasell ABMarketing & Advertising | international
    FineCreditBanking & Financials | local
    ParentsMedia | international
    Fine CreditBanking & Financials | local

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  • Description

    No description provided for this service.

    Skills in Copywriting (2)
    Storyboard WritingTechnical Writing

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  • Description

    No description provided for this service.

    Skills in Website Creation (3)
    Desarrollo Back-endBackend DevelopmentWebsite Redesign
    Works in Website Creation (10)
    AdmitereOnline - Website Creation
    Bredband.nu - Website Creation
    The Information Point for External Trade (TIP) - Website Creation
    E-Customs - Website Creation
    Clients in Website Creation (10)
    E-CustomsGovernment & Administration | national
    The Information Point for External Trade (TIP)Government & Administration | national
    FineCreditBanking & Financials | local
    AdmitereOnlineEducation | national

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  • Description

    No description provided for this service.

    Skills in Digital Strategy (11)
    Cross Platform MarketingDigital InnovationProject ManagementProduct LaunchingLoyalty ManagementIntegrated MarketingRecruitment MarketingLead AcquisitionGamification StrategyData Driven Marketing+1

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  • Description

    No description provided for this service.

    Skills in Online Advertising (3)
    Amazon PPCSEABing Ads

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  • Description

    No description provided for this service.

    Skills in Social Media (4)
    Facebook AdvertisingCommunity BuildingTwitter StrategyVideo Marketing

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71 members in EBS Integrator's team

EBS Integrator cover
StoryWe kicked-off our Digital Transformation journey from a flat and gre-up to over 70 mid and senior engineers that have 0 failed projects on record. To date, we're servicing over 20 high-load eCommerce and Business Process Software accounts, ensuring high availability and outstanding user experience to every stakeholder.
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EBS Integrator was awarded 1 time

2019, Second Place at the "Puterea a Cincea" Hackathon / Project Implementatoion2019-6-30Best Media initiative within a 5K budget


20 reviews for EBS Integrator

(20 reviews)
David FilatAdministrator at Eurasia Percept
ServiceWeb Application
Team11 - 50

What was the objective behind your collaboration?I'm the administrator of one of the Precept International NGO branches, based in US. Our mission is to transform the world with God's Word, we recruit, equip, and resource Bible Study Leaders who take God’s life-changing Word to their communities.

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?EBS Integrator updated the site and the client's staff and students loved it. A lot of changes were made since the client operates in 36 countries, but the team managed to make the site most useful to them, accustomed to the staff's workflow, and is user-friendly.

Are there any areas for improvements?EBS Integrator offers a great experience for their clients and always put the client first.

David Filat recommends this agency

ServiceWeb Application
Team11 - 50

Andrew JeffreeCEO & Founder, at Memoria
Team1 - 10

What was the objective behind your collaboration?Memoria is a customer experience and loyalty business focused on bridging the gap between online and offline data, driving hyper personalization.

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?The results of this engagement exceeded expectations. The app drew about 10,000 downloads while garnering more than two million dollars worth of transactional data per year. EBS Integrator provided transparent communication, met all deadlines and delivered quality outputs.

Are there any areas for improvements?Not at all, I will recommend at every opportunity I get and I look forward to working with them again. Thanks Sergiu, Vasille, Alexandru and all that made this an enjoyable few years.

Andrew Jeffree recommends this agency

Team1 - 10

John MathewsOwner at Productivity Software Company
Team51 - 200

What was the objective behind your collaboration?EBS Integrator's flexible and accommodating approach has enabled them to produce effective solutions. Their incredible process as well as their positive attitude enables them to stay within budget and timeline. Above all, their responsiveness and speedy work allows them foster a strong partnership.

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?We've been very impressed with their timeliness and their willingness to make changes as the product development moves forward. They’ve also been accommodating on implementing the modifications we’ve needed. On top of that, EBS Integrated has done their best to stay under budget. The team is also proactive at finding solutions which has really helped us to move the project forward very quickly.

Are there any areas for improvements?Nothing comes to mind on areas they can improve. I’ve been satisfied with their overall work. As a result, I continue to be their client.

John Mathews recommends this agency

Team51 - 200

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